About Us

Founder Mac is very fun and passionate about the artwork that is showcased throughout Maxie & Maria! He really values the authenticity of antique artworks, and also believes in upholding the financial and social value of fine art. Mac has brought beautiful works of art to be showcased to the Northwest Arkansas community. Mac enjoys meeting local artists in the area interested in showcasing their works!

Other services offered at Maxie & Maria

Aside from viewing the beautiful collection of fine artworks, Maxie & Maria also offer different services which you will be happy to check out. They include:

Buying artwork

We are an active buyer of great paintings, studio ceramics, and prints. Please do not hesitate to contact us and give us information about the artwork you are interested in selling. You can present them either as single or a whole estate.

Trade artwork

Are you looking to sell your artwork but don’t know how to go about it?

We are ready to work with you whether you are a seasoned professional, an emerging artist, or an art collector. We understand how hard it is to go about the whole selling process because we have been in the industry for a long time. We will assess and evaluate your artwork with the help of professionals and get them to prospective buyers. Come partner with Maxie & Maria and we can help you get great deals for your artwork.

Sell artwork

Feel free to make an inquiry on any of the pieces that are showcased in our gallery. We have options from original fine arts, limited editions, and different works from the different artists we work with.

Investigate the signature on your art to confirm the authenticity 

At Maxie & Maria we value the authenticity of artworks, we also believe in upholding the financial and social value of fine art. We can help investigate the signature on your artwork to confirm authenticity.